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What are the benefits of a connected car system?

Transport companies, whether they focus their activity on international freight transport, national transport, pallet transport, distribution or “last mile” delivery, are looking for greater productivity and efficiency from their vehicle fleets. This optimization comes hand in hand with modernization and, of course, the digitization of the activity. The search for this optimization of the fleet does not only affect the transport company, but also there are other “actors” who also seek this control and management as part of their activity, such as vehicle sales dealers, body builders, renting and leasing companies, etc.

Traceability is one of the main actions that companies implement as a guarantee of providing a better service and as a way to achieve greater control and management, in addition to the profitability of resources; digital solutions and software are serving to streamline and simplify the day-to-day operational management, not only due to greater connectivity with the driver, but also because control over the vehicle is greater, having a clearer and more complete vision of the performance that the fleet of vehicles is offering.

In order to have greater connectivity and control it is not only necessary to do so in vehicles, but also, we have to broaden the spectrum of actors involved, which is greater than one might think. Some, such as renting companies, maintenance companies, manufacturers or dealers, also need to be part of the connectivity, in order to be able to manage the data of the connected car. The best way to have a connected car with 360º visibility for all these actors is through a single platform, where data is collected through telematics systems such as online portals, apps or interfaces (APIs), which facilitate the integration of all the data, allowing a flow of information and data, useful for the improvement of each business.

The complexity of the market with different players requires different and increasingly sophisticated solutions. These companies are asking themselves how they can increase their sales based on customer, vehicle or market knowledge. One of the solutions is connected car platform, a portfolio of services built on vehicle connectivity, integrating information from different sources and adding value to it. This product is a high-value differential for sellers, bodybuilders or leasing and renting companies.

In order to be able to integrate all the information, the most appropriate thing is to use a Business Intelligence solution such as Smartdata Car; a Business Intelligence system allows us to improve profitability, improve processes and digitally transform businesses in repair companies, body builders, leasing and renting companies, increasing the sale of vehicles, spare parts and services, all this offering a differential positioning in the market by improving the customer experience, generating better retention ratios in the workshop.

A connected car platform is based on 4 fundamental characteristics:

1-Connected car: a wide range of services are built around the connectivity of the car or vehicle, from its location, driving habits, alarms, through telematic systems, breakdown detection.

2-On-time information: Through these platforms for OEMs, body builders, renting companies. Thanks to the Business Intelligence solution, they can access real-time information about the connected vehicle or car at any time.

3-Loyalty: the connected car platform serves the customer as a commercial tool to increase sales and build customer loyalty over time. Closer relationships and a much more complete service experience around the connected car are established.

4-Maintenance: the platform allows optimization of the maintenance service through a telematic system, 24/7 direct communication with the customer and the driver, detecting future problems, scheduling appointments with the workshop, providing remote assistance, managing resources, services and consumption. It is an endless number of actions related to the maintenance of the connected vehicle.

With the use of connected car platforms, it is possible to improve and digitize the business to make the company even more competitive, improving productivity and protecting drivers and fleet with a customized Business Intelligence solution that adapts to the business, and that also generates an increase in business for the rest of the actors that are also intervene in the connected car universe, such as sales companies, body builders or renting and leasing companies.


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