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What is a GPS locator and what is it for?

Times are changing and with it also are changing the traditional navigation systems. The advance of technology is making GPS location more and more present in our daily life, being used in vehicles, pets, people or any object.

A GPS locator or Global Positioning System allows us to determinate with great precision the exact position and movements of any object at any time and place, thanks to the existence of a network of about 25 satellites on planet Earth. 

Nowadays, we have programs and web or mobile applications that use GPS systems in our smartphones, tablets or computers, helping us to know the location of our vehicle and even ourselves in every moment.

At a company level, these GPS location systems are very useful because they help to control and optimize vehicles. For example, it allows the management of fleets of all types of vehicles, giving more control over available resources, and also controlling delivery time and routes. Moreover, it is ideal in transport fleets to optimize logistics and production tasks because it helps to improve product search and delivery services. In case of theft of the vehicle or not being able to remember where it was left, a GPS locator will give us the exact information about the location of the vehicle, increasing the anti-theft security. For companies with their own vehicles, this system can be used to control the work schedule and mileage traveled by their employees, to have a maintenance history of the vehicles and, in additions, to establish easier arrival routes and create reporting guides.

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