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A web platform created for professionals who need information for the control, management and optimisation of their mobile resources.



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FlotasNet® is and will be in a continuous improvement process

Adapting at all times to the needs of our most demanding customers

From FlotasNet®, key information is provided on the activity and telemetry of vehicles, whether they are heavy vehicles, light vehicles, passenger cars, machinery, or motorcycles.

It also allows you to manage information about trailers, containers, and moving people. Finally, FlotasNet® is able to display information about any vehicle, hauling or moving asset in which it is interesting or necessary for a company to manage such information and traceability.



    Optimise your fleet costs by up to 20%, ensuring a more efficient management of fuel and your drivers’ working times, optimising your routes, and maintaining your fleet.

  • Ensure SECURITY

    Ensure SECURITY

    FlotasNet® allows you to control all your assets: vehicles, trailers, and cargo, as well as the personal safety of the driver and their driving behaviour, all under a secure software platform.



    The exhaustive and real-time monitoring of the vehicle, hauling, driver and freight are aspects that you can control and manage with FlotasNet®.



    Your final customer is important to us, and FlotasNet® allows you to have control of the service you are providing to your customer at all times, allowing corrective measures to be taken to improve it.



    FlotasNet® improves communication between the company and the operators/drivers, allowing them to exchange messaging, execute work orders, and exchange documentation through forms.



    Under the same Fleet Management solution, you can keep an exhaustive control of the mileage, revisions, engine operating hours, preventive corrective and maintenance, workshop steps, etc.



    Simple information for management, indicator dashboards (KPIs), unassisted reports, and all the information that fleet users need to analyse to improve management.

  • Compliance with REGULATIONS

    Compliance with REGULATIONS

    Through its reports and features, FlotasNet® helps your fleet comply with current regulations on safety, traceability, and legal control of each sector.

Adapting at all times to the needs of our most demanding customers

Flotasnet ® platforms

  • Image
    Flotasnet Lite

    The easiest access to FlotasNet®, in which you can see the activity of your fleet and manage the points of interest. You can generate alarms if you wish. Ideal to start in our management solutions for mobility resources.

    The simplest solution for those who wish to get started in fleet management

    • Location
    • Real-time fleet control
    • Fleet activity
    • Fleet activity reports
    • Zone control
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    Flotasnet Mobile

    The mobile app version of FlotasNet®, enabling you to view the most important information of each access level comfortably from your tablet or smartphone. iOS/Android.

  • Flotasnet on route

    OnRoute® is our application designed to facilitate, safeguard and improve communication with your company’s moving professionals, interact with them continuously in real time, and send them routes, work orders, forms and any important information for the activity of your company. It can work with your own Android device or with our tablets installed in the vehicle or transported by your mobile staff..

    • Location
    • Communication with FlotasNet®
    • Navigation
    • Data management
    • Driver ID
    • Forms
    • Work orders
    • Driver notifications

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