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Management of Transport Fleets with Location GPS. BETTER TOGETHER

Our web platform created and designed for professionals who need information for the control, management and optimization of their transport fleets through a GPS locator.

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Transport fleet management software with GPS locator. A customized solution for our customers. BETTER TOGETHER

Adapting at all times to the needs of our most demanding customers.

FlotasNet® provides crucial information on the activity and telemetry of vehicles, whether they are heavy vehicles, light vehicles, cars, machinery or motorcycles.

It also allows you to manage information on trailers, containers and people on the move by GPS locator. In short, FlotasNet® can display information about any vehicle, haulage or resource in movement in which its information and traceability is of interest or necessary to manage for a company.


  • Efficient fuel management.
  • Saving time in processes.
  • Control of driver behavior to increase productivity.
  • Reduction of vehicle operating costs, breakdowns and maintenance.
  • Reduction of vehicle immobilization times.
  • Control of vehicle usage, km and driving times.
  • Professional communication with the driver and routing.
  • Professional communication with the driver and routing.
  • Improved job assignment based on driving status.

Improved SAFETY

  • Reduction of incidents and accidents.
  • Exhaustive and real-time tracking of the vehicle, trailer, driver, cargo and passengers, thanks to the GPS locator.
  • Assists in the prevention and management of theft and asset recovery.
  • Ensure the safety of the driver and the load.
  • Control of vehicle use after hours and in unauthorized areas.
  • Data protection and cybersecurity.


  • Intelligent management of zones and points of interest.
  • Quality, ease and integration with other platforms.
  • Provide the quality information needed to make the right decisions.
  • We display relevant external information such as gas stations, restrictions, traffic conditions and others.
  • Quick and easy visualization through indicator panels and dashboards, adapted to different user profiles.
  • Indicators of asset utilization and worker activity.
  • Real-time or scheduled reports with automatic delivery.
  • Multiple control possibilities in geographical areas thanks to the GPS locator.

Improving SERVICE to your CUSTOMERS

  • Increase fleet and service reliability.
  • Real-time cargo visibility and traceability and more reliable delivery times.
  • Possibility of making decisions in real time in the event of incidents or delays in transport.
  • Accessible information for your customers’ IT systems.
  • Visibility or delivery of valuable information to your customers.
  • Regulatory compliance.


Solution customization

  • Solution tailored to your specific needs and challenges.
  • High customization capacity, its POI, alarms, warnings, reports, etc.
  • Solution-oriented mindset
  • Wide variety of platforms, technologies and sensors.


Continuous accompaniment throughout the entire process

  • Strategic ally for business development with the objective of continuous improvement.
  • Solvent team with extensive experience and technical and market knowledge.
  • You will have a specialized manager who will accompany you in the implementation of key actions and digitization of processes to improve your performance.
  • Support and continuous and remote updating of systems.


Platforms FlotasNet ®


Our web platform where you will be able to reach all the functionalities of our solution for the management of transport fleets with GPS locator.

  • GPS Location
  • Real-time fleet control
  • Fleet activity
  • Fleet activity reports
  • Zone control
  • Indicator panel
  • Tachograph download
  • Maintenance control
  • Driver qualification
  • and many more features…

FlotasNet® in APP version to view the most important information comfortably from your Tablet or Smarthphone. IOS/Android.


OnRoute® is our application to facilitate, safeguard and improve communication with the professionals on the move in your company, you can interact with them continuously, in real time, send routes, work orders, forms and any important information for the activity of your company. It can work with your own Android device or with our in-vehicle tablets or just carried by your mobile staff.

  • GPS Location
  • FlotasNet® communication
  • Navigation
  • Data management
  • Driver ID
  • Forms
  • Work Orders
  • Notifications to the driver
  • Driving times

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