Merchandise transport

We improve the management of your lorries to make your fleet more competitive.

If you are dedicated to the transport of goods, it is essential to learn how to locate and manage it. If you also wish save an average of €3,000/year per vehicle, Fagor has your solution.

  • From FlotasNet®, key information is provided on the activity and telemetry of vehicles, whether they are heavy vehicles, light vehicles, passenger cars, machinery, or motorcycles. It also allows you to manage information about trailers, containers, and moving people. Finally, FlotasNet® is able to display information about any vehicle, hauling or moving asset in which it is interesting or necessary for a company to manage such information and traceability.

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  • In addition to locating your fleet, you are interested in giving your customers a comprehensive service that connects the information systems of all supply chain agents – carriers, logistics operators, freight forwarders, shipping companies, etc. – UBIKA is the platform you need.

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