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Fagor Electrónica connects vehicles, drivers, companies, manufacturers, etc. to enable decision making. Information is essential.


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A business Intelligence platform to maximise your business

SmartData Car® is a Business Intelligence platform that maximises the business of OEMs, auto body builders, rending/rending companies, etc., increasing the sale of vehicles, spare parts and services and offering a unique positioning.

The complexity of the market requires different and increasingly sophisticated solutions to OEMs, auto body builders, renting/leasing companies, etc.

  • How can I increase sales (vehicles and after-sales) based on knowledge of the vehicle, customer and market?
  • How can I differentiate my product through high-value services in a complex and competitive environment?

SmartData Car® offers you a portfolio of services that are built on vehicle connectivity. All this is made while guaranteeing the return on investment of our customers and offering an end-to-end solution.

  • connected vehicle


    SmartData Car allows you to build a wide range of services around the vehicle’s connectivity, including location, driving habits, alarms, etc.



    Through this platform, OEMs, auto body builders, leasing companies, etc. can access real-time information at all times.

  • Increase loyalty


    SmartDataCar serves the customer as a commercial tool to increase sales and build loyalty over time. Closer relationships are established, with a much more complete service experience

  • Maintenance


    SmartData Car allows you to optimise the maintenance service, detect future problems, schedule appointments with the workshop, provide remote assistance, and manage resources, services, and consumables – in short, endless actions related to vehicle maintenance…

  • Improve after-sales revenue


    These actions allow customers to maximise after-sales revenue, improving efficiency and quality of service and generating high value-added services.

SmartData Car® allows you to differentiate your product through high-value services in a complex and competitive environment

Smart Data Car® platforms

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    (Pre-)sale maximisation

    (Pre)-sale maximisation Vehicle, service and component/accessory

    • Sales planning
    • Get ahead of the vehicle replacement customer needs
    • Understand in depth the types of final consumers and the specific needs of each group.
    • Information on the use of the vehicle to optimise sales strategy and offer customised advice (vehicle, extras, etc.)
    • Generate other specific sales opportunities
    • Bring the OEM/Licenser channel closer to the distributor. Have more information and better control the process and promote better communication with the dealer
    • Special sales
    • Vehicle choice and use consulting

    After-sale maximisation:

    • Information to optimise maintenance service, remotely detect problems with a given part, reset systems, perform predictive maintenance, etc.
    • Provide remote assistance
    • Maintenance monitoring and location
    • Information for guarantee management
    • Cross selling of products and services
    • Information to improve vehicle design
    • Analysis of the geographical distribution of the network of workshops and technical services
    • Advanced management of resources, services and consumables
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    ISupport infrastructure:

    • Reporting platform
    • Trailer history booklet
    • Control panel
    • Telematics call centre
    • Telematics management
    • OEM team training

    Product differentiation:

    • Fleet efficiency optimisation and driving assistance service
    • Increase productivity
    • Optimise customer service
    • Improved information
    • Compliance with regulations
    • Improved traceability
    • Improved Communication
    • Ensure Security
    • Enhance Maintenance
    • Insurance risk analysis
    • Theft reporting
    • Sophisticated and transparent second-hand sale

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