Turnkey projects

Because we know that each customer is unique

At Fagor Electrónica, we have a long history and experience in working on custom projects under the turnkey concept.

Captación de necesidades del cliente

Customer needs capture .

Based on an approach of technological advice and actively listening to as customer as its main tool, all the needs and goals derived from the project will be captured and compared between both parties.

Planteamiento de objetivos, fases, e hitos

Statement of goals, phases, and milestones

Once the needs between both parties have been defined and agreed upon, a project proposal will be prepared to reflect all the goals pursued in it, whether they are technical, business, strategic, or economic. Based on these objectives, the execution plan will be created, being complemented with the different phases of the project and the most outstanding milestones or deliverables. Similarly, the necessary indicators will be defined for the subsequent monitoring and control of projects.

Seguimiento y control de proyecto

Project monitoring and control

Once the above is defined, the Fagor methodology will be applied for project management. This methodology mainly includes goals a series of periodic meetings between both parties, with a technical and generic approach, including a control of the established indicators and milestones delivered in the established deadline and quality, with the aim of providing a global view of the project status as well as its deviations, and establish concrete actions for its reconstruction. To do this, Fagor will also make a project management Web tool available to the customer.


Project team

Fagor Electrónica will designate different resource profiles for each project. They are highly qualified resources with extensive expertise and experience in the management of turnkey projects for customer with a high degree of adaptation and service.

Similarly, the customer will be required to create a work team of the same characteristics to ensure the quality of the project as well as the degree of involvement of both parties.

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