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More than 50 years driven by our innovative concern

For 20 years, Fagor Electrónica has been committed to solutions that focus on vehicle, transport and logistics improvement

Fagor Electrónica is a leading company in the manufacture and sale of electronic components, as well as the development and marketing of advanced technological solutions, having been in the market for over 50 years. It is part of Mondragon Corporation, a business group consisting of autonomous and independent cooperatives, with production subsidiaries and corporate delegations in 41 countries, as well as sales in more than 150 countries.

A group formed by more than 85,000 working partners, which practices innovation, drives internationalisation and believes in the commitment of people to achieve maximum efficiency. A solid support all all levels, including finance, industry and distribution, with a call for global leadership.

Strong support at all levels, financial, industrial and distribution with a global leadership vocation. Fagor Electrónica considers quality as one of the basic premises of the company and its daily development, both in its software and hardware products and with its technical and training service to new customers. We offer a Customer Service to solve any problem, thereby improving the satisfaction of our customers.

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