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10 reasons why Transport Fleet Management is necessary

Traffic managers know how important it is to have a transport fleet management system in order to make the right decisions in their company. The proper functioning of a company depends on good management and planning of mobile resources, so we will detail the 10 reasons for contracting a transport fleet management system

  1. Savings and efficiency:

Knowing the location of the vehicle, driving style, route deviations or driver idle times, is very necessary for traffic managers to be able to act accordingly, otherwise, bad management, could cause the company to lose large amounts of money as for example with excessive fuel consumption.


  1. Safety increase:

System with all mentioned characteristics allows us to carry out monitoring of the vehicle, the trailer, the driver, the load and the passengers in real time. It also helps to prevent and manage theft and asset recovery, reduce incidents and accidents and control the use of the vehicle outside authorised hours and areas. Security is one of the aspects that companies are most concerned about and where a transport fleet management system provides the greatest benefits.


  1. Communication with drivers:

You could have a bidirectional communication between managers and vehicles, being able to send points of interest, messaging to share information, routes and configure your own work forms and send work orders to the driver´s device.


  1. Integration with other platforms:

The integration of a fleet management software with the ERP of your company, allows sharing information between both platforms, which facilitates the daily management of the manager in a single application.


  1. Scheduled reports:

You will be able to receive periodic reports about the activity of the fleet, routes, consumption graphs or data on the driving style, among others, by e-mail. In addition, you will have notifications and alerts without accessing the platform.


  1. Knowing the state of the goods:

Because in distribution companies, maintaining the quality of the goods is fundamental, modern fleet management systems allow us to know the state of the cargo during the entire transport process. For example, temperature to ensure that the cold chain is not broken at any moment.


  1. Information in real time:

Companies with fleet management software can always know the location of the vehicles in real time, so that decisions can be made as to who should carry out each job in an optimal manner. At the same time, the aim is to avoid idle time and unjustified activities, so that a complete and reliable history of all the tasks were carried out is available.


  1. Bring better service to your customers:

Final customer is very important, so you can have control of the service you are providing to the customer anytime, allowing to take corrective action for improvement. At the same time, you have the possibility to make decisions in real time before incidents or delays.


  1. Improvement of efficient driving:

Through a fleet management system, you can be connected to the vehicle´s canbus, which allows you to obtain different types of reports that enable the company to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the driving styles of each driver and in this way make decisions regarding the measures to be implemented in a personalized way. With this method, improvements are applied to each driver individually, so that the objectives and results obtained are immediate, having a great positive impact on the costs of any company.


  1. Improvement of maintenance:

With the help of a fleet management software, we will be able to implement maintenance programs, which will help us to keep our vehicles in better conditions for their use, in addition, it will allow us to detect failures and breakdowns. For a company, being able to detect vehicle breakdowns in advance is very important, as otherwise it could mean expensive repairs and the vehicle could be out of use for a while, which could negatively affect the company´s results.


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