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10 tips to improve fleet management

Fleet management decisions depend not only on the nature of the fleet´s activities, but also on the particular needs of the company.

Managing your fleet well is essential, and the usage of fleet management software will help you a lot. It´s a database that helps to control, organize and coordinate vehicles and their usage more efficiently, so the company can achieve the desired results much faster. Here are 10 tips that can help to manage your fleet good.

  1. Establish a clear strategy and processes

Clear and organized processes ensure the correct workflow and avoid confusion between working groups and drivers. In addition, having a central procedure for all operating elements within the fleet allows to make regular reviews and improvement of policies in order to achieve high efficiency and productivity.

  1. Company´s policy is important  

Establishing company policies for driver´s behavior, training and maintenance help to reduce costs and encourages the compliance. It also helps to ensure that your business always runs smoothly. Your policies should set clear expectations for drivers and others in your organization, and all staff should be aware of their responsibilities and rules. 

  1. Track everything

You must track, collect and manage the performance of your vehicles, drivers, fuel, profitability, etc. to get a more complete picture of how your fleet works, spot trends, and see areas where improvements can be made.

Some metrics that directly impact your fleet include:

  • Fuel usage and cost tracking
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Travel time
  • Driver´s productivity and satisfaction
  1. Optimize fleet usage and schedules

Conduct regular audits looking for unnecessary trips. Communicate any concerns to drivers so they know that you are monitoring their productivity. Also, check if you can make modifications that can prevent having unnecessary trips.

  1. Encourage good driving behavior

Good driving behavior reduces repair costs and improves efficiency. Efficient drivers use less fuel, have fewer accidents, and avoid penalties. A telematics device can help to monitor drivers´ behavior, idling and more.

  1. Run preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure the safety of your fleet. Don´t wait until vehicles require major repairs. In the long run, it is less expensive to pay for preventive maintenance than for major repairs. Your drivers will also benefit, because as a result they are less likely to have their vehicle break down or have an accident due to vehicle problems.

  1. Maintain clear communication

Communication is a key when managing any team. This can be especially challenging when managing a fleet, as it is rare for your team to be in the same place at the same time. Make sure to keep in touch with your drivers to be updated with their schedule and progress.

  1. Use geofences

A geofence creates a virtual perimeter around a location and every time a vehicle enters or leaves the perimeter, you will receive an alert. You will know immediately if the vehicle is on the way, if it is out of schedule, it can indicate a theft, or it can also be used for delivery confirmation.

  1. Use telematics

Information is vital to optimize your fleet. Telematics provides valuable information on your fleet and driver behavior. A device installed in each vehicle allows to monitor your fleet, from vehicle tracking and route analysis to recording idling, hard braking and over speeding.

For example, a telematics system shows you:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Driver behavior
  • Prevents theft and helps recover assets
  • Asset tracking
  • Maintenance planning and warnings
  • Route optimization
  1. Continuous improvements

All the tips mentioned above tips are important to manage your fleet well, but all actions must be continuously developed and improved. Think of ways to imply new solutions. From time to time, get your team together for a brainstorming session on creating new ideas to develop the business.

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