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Celebrating Innovation and Talent: The Smart Data Services Awards 2023.

On March 18, Smart Data Services had the privilege of celebrating the first edition of the Smart Data Services Awards 2023. It was a day full of emotion and recognition, where we highlighted the innovation, creativity and hard work of our colleagues over the past year.

The event, which took place at the Hotel Chiqui in Santander, brought together key members of our company. It was an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our team and to reflect on the positive impact they have had on our projects and clients. As the award winners were announced, enthusiasm and excitement filled the room. The winners of each category took the stage to receive their well-deserved recognition, demonstrating that effort and dedication do not go unnoticed at Smart Data Services.

These were the winners for each of the categories, although we cannot forget the rest of the nominees for their valuable contribution:

Best Project of the Year 2023: “New version of the Hino Connect application,” Sergio Cameno received the award.

Outstanding Innovation 2023: “First referrer success story,” Mercedes García received the award.

Team of the Year 2023: “Commercial team”, Rubén Martín received the award.

Most Influential Worker in 2023: Aitziber Ibarrondo received the award.

Outstanding Initiative 2023: “Mesa de Expertos de Colombia”, Alejandra Barrio received the award.

Best Partner 2023: Asier Díez received the award.

Best Customer Engagement Project 2023: “Hino Mexico”, Ernesto Pérez, David Castanedo and Diego Gómez received the award.

Employee of the Year 2023: David Castanedo received the award.

In addition to the aforementioned awards, two more informal and fun awards were also presented, which added a touch of joy to the event.

Best Afterwork Teacher 2023: “We are going to Bedoya for lunch”, Pablo Gómez received the award.
Best Adventure around the World 2023: “Getting to know Italy with a pregnant woman”, Asier Díez and Sergio Cameno picked up the award.

To conclude the evening, the honorary award for business career was presented to Alberto Trancho, in recognition of his dedication and contribution over the years.

We look forward to holding new editions of the Smart Data Services Awards in the future, continually recognizing talent and excellence within our organization.

Congratulations to all the award winners and thank you all for making Smart Data Services an exceptional place to work!

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