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Hino Connect

Fagor Smart Data Services has been working with Hino in Colombia for more than 8 years, providing technological tools for managing the fleets of some of its customers.

Fagor Smart Data Services has been working with Hino in Colombia for more than 8 years, providing technological tools for the management of some of its customers´ fleets and offering solutions to the Colombian market focused on the cargo, passenger, construction machinery and services transport company.  In 2017, Distribuidora Hino de Colombia (DHC) decided to take another step towards innovation, as part of its “Total Support” strategy, and in this way, incorporate Business Intelligence technology as standard in its vehicles sold both in Colombia and Chile, which will allow them to be at the technological forefront in knowledge about the use of their vehicles, with the main objective of providing unique value and high customization to their customers.

Hino needed to have a solution that would allow them:

  • Know the quality of use of your sold vehicles
  • To know in real time the failures presented by the vehicles, to establish processes of high value for the customer
  • Have a record of the entire life of the vehicle, not only of its use, but also of its steps by workshop and service history (resume)
  • Have automatic, real-time alerts for preventive maintenance of vehicles sold, based on their mileage, hours of use or date
  • Powerful, graphical reports, based on the key indicators (KPIs) of the vehicle and its use
  • A platform with its own brand
  • Close accompaniment and customised development

After analyzing the various options, including technologies applied by Hino´s parent company (Japan) and other markets such as the USA, Hino Colombia and Fagor signed an agreement to jointly develop Hino Connect as a standard OEM solution for all vehicles marketed by the brand in both Colombia and Chile, providing this way a Business Intelligence tool to their processes and detailed knowledge about their customers, having a tool focused on the brand, the sales network and workshops and the owner of the vehicle, as a 360º response that keeps them connected and under the claim of “Your virtual co-pilot”.

By mid-2020, Fagor Smart Data Car, through Hino Connect, has more than 4,000 vehicles installed and is generating high-value information for increasing sales of new vehicles, spare parts and workshop labour, providing a clear return on investment for the brand. Nowadays, vehicles are more and more digitalized and that means a need in the automotive sector to have a software that allows the complete control and in real time of all the information generated by the vehicles, as in the case of the final customers HINO CONNECT, having an integral solution.

In addition, Hino has taken advantage of this tool to offer its training program (ECO & SAFE DRIVE) designed for drivers, and thus be able to give its customers the best experience personified by its products.

We are working on perfecting the analysis of 5 factors that we have defined as the most important in consensus with Hino Connect, being the biggest challenges in LATAM:

  1. Fuel optimization: reducing idle time and monitoring driving style.
  2. Time optimization: detecting the most favorable routes for your operation, as well as downtime by scheduling your service visit.
  3. Economic use: it will allow you to receive alerts when there is something new in the machine, making timely decisions with a saving of money in repairs.
  4. Extend the life of the vehicle: monitoring your vehicle will allow you to make good decisions that can extend the life of the units in operation.
  5. Prepare or minimize personnel turnover, offering a novel way to train and professionalize drivers, highlighting their skills and decreasing the level of risk.

The shared slogan with HINO is: “The best for your vehicle, your business and your operations, is Hino Connect“.

Hino Connect is based on virtual vehicle management, giving an exclusive and personalized tool to HINO that will support the vehicle 24/7 with national and international coverage.

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