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What is Fleet Management?

Traffic managers know how it is important to have a Fleet Management System, first of all, for being able to make right decisions in the company. The proper functioning of a company depends on good management and planning of its mobile resources.

We do not discover anything new if we say that a company with mobile assets cannot be properly managed if aspects related to fuel consumption, driver activity and vehicle status, among other multiple functionalities, are not controlled. For this reason, fleet management systems have become a basic and essential tool for a company, which strategically bets on implementing continuous improvement processes, allowing it to remain competitive in the transport market.   

We define fleet management as tool that allows us to be aware in real time of what is happening with each of the mobile assets of a company. Today, it can be applied regardless of the size of the fleet and the vehicles that make it up, allowing greater control over what without a Fleet Manager, would be left to luck and the unexpected on the road.

The Fleet Management market is a market with wide development possibilities. There is a growing tendency to install this type of system in vehicles and entrepreneurs are aware of this, as this system is very powerful tool that provide enormous benefits and cost savings in short and medium terms.  

These Fleet Management Systems have evolved considerably in recent years, representing an increasingly indispensable solution for businesses. It is fundamental for companies to be able to control and minimise their costs, so a company with a vision of the future, with aim to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, will need to rely on these systems.           

The capacity for adapting to the specific needs of the clients is one of the main particularities of Fleet Management Systems. Each company is different, that is why it offers solutions that are completely adapted to the needs of each sector. There are many options, and it is the experts in these Fleet Management Systems who, together with the client, configure the optimum system for each need.


Reasons to contract with Fleet Management System

These systems offer great potential and many concrete advantages, as well as a multitude of economic benefits. GPS location, real time fleet control, fleet activity reports, zone control, indicator panel, maintenance control, driver qualification and maintenance control, among other multiple functionalities. Knowing the location of the vehicle, driving style, route deviations or driver idle time is very necessary for traffic managers to be able to act properly, otherwise poor management of all mentioned above could cause the company to lose large amounts of money, through excessive fuel consumption.

But the most obvious benefits of these systems are that they help to reduce the costs associated with fleet maintenance and fuel. The most advanced fleet management systems can give you accurate information about the fuel used and wasted, highlighting where your vehicles need to be improved. But without a doubt, the main benefits derived from the implementation of a Fleet Management System in a company, and which represent a competitive improvement for them, are; an improvement in productivity and profitability thanks to an efficient management of fuel, control of the behaviour of drivers, communication with the driver and sending routes and an improvement in the assignment of jobs according to the state of driving; an improvement in safety thanks to a reduction in incidents and accidents, assistance in the prevention and management of theft and recovery of assets and control of the use of the vehicle outside authorised hours and areas; an improvement in decision-making, thanks to quick and easy visualisation through indicator panels and dashboards, adapted to the different user profiles, and finally an improvement in customer service, thanks to the possibility of taking decisions in real time in the face of incidents or delays in transport, to the vision and traceability of the load in real time and more reliable delivery times, and to increasing the reliability of the fleet and the service.

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